Guest Blog: The Importance of Contents Insurance for Tenants

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This article is courtesy of The Lettings Hub

Huge increase in burst pipes bring to light the Importance of contents insurance for tenants

The British weather is famous for being up and down. But recently, sharp rises and drops in temperature have been causing homes to suffer burst pipes and subsequently, water damage.

The potential water loss from burst pipes in a house could be as much as 400 litres an hour – that’s two full baths! It’s easy to imagine the damage that amount of water can cause, especially if nobody is home at the time of the occurrence.

Landlords homes covered, but tenants belongings unprotected

Many tenants may think that a burst pipe is an issue for their landlords, not them.

But in truth, tenants over the last few months have unfortunately had their belongings destroyed or damaged as a result of burst pipes.

The landlords will more than likely be covered for the costs to their property, but tenants? They will have to foot the bill to replace or fix their damaged items – if, they didn’t already protect their belongings with Contents Insurance.

And it’s not just cold weather that bursts pipes, hot weather can do it too.

Tenants home insurance has overall benefits

Your things are worth more than you think!

Burst pipes are just one example of a threat to your personal property in a rented home. It’s smart to protect your belongings against other things too.

If you were ever to be the victim of a burglary and found yourself in a position where you had to replace, say, a laptop, TV and tablet all in one fell swoop – you’d be out of pocket for quite a sum. It might even take several months to be able to afford to replace your losses – leaving you without the things you use daily to enable full function of your lifestyle.

Having contents insurance in place would mean you were covered for theft, loss and damage of your personal property. It’s a great safety net for those who want to avoid a large cost should something go wrong. It’ll also speed up the process of replacement if you ever find yourself having to go without your much-needed stuff.

Protecting tenants outside of their homes, too

Tenants with Tenants Home Insurance would be covered for lost keys too, which can be a costly nightmare for the renter who drops them down a drain or leaves them on the bus.

The insurance cover can also be personalised to include bicycles, contents in outbuildings and items that you regularly take outside the house with you.

It’s really got your back, and could make a bad day a little bit less of a burden for you – acting as a safety net for those unfortunate accidents and events that happen all too often.