​Renters Reform

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The Renters Reform Bill has recently had its First Reading in Parliament.

The Second Reading is scheduled for the week commencing 5th June which is when MPs will have the opportunity to debate the Bill’s main principles.

The new measures being introduced are:

An end to no–fault evictions.

Improved processes to make it easier to evict tenants for anti-social behaviour and repeatedly missed rent payments.

Rent can only be increased once a year, and landlords must provide two months’ notice.

Landlords must consider all requests to keep pets and can’t unreasonably refuse a request for a pet.

Minimum housing standards for the private sector, meaning accommodation must be free from health and safety hazards as well as being well maintained.

Outlawing a blanket bans on benefit claimants or people with children.

A new landlord ombudsman with the power to enforce landlord apologies and compensation of up to £25,000.

An introduction of and online property portal, where landlords must demonstrate compliance with legal requirements.

Following the Second Reading, the Bill will be examined by a smaller group of MPs and any relevant amendments will be considered at the Committee Stage.

The Third Reading is a final discussion in the House of Commons on the amended Bill before moving through the House of Lords, where further amendments may be made before the Bill receives Royal Assent and becomes and Act.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the progress of the Bill through parliament, and the implications for landlords, tenants, letting agencies and the wider housing market.